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If you have accounting or Xero OCD you will be aware of the latest Xero update, however for all non-accountants or bookkeepers, here is a rundown of the latest updates from January 2019 – March 2019, to the cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting platform.

Bank reconciliation

  • Style changes, including a new Options menu where you can create a bank rule or delete a bank statement line.
  • We’ve also changed how bank accounts are displayed when you transfer money between your accounts.
  • You can now add notes to your invoices when viewing or editing them in new invoicing.

Xero for Business Android

  • You can now edit submitted and unpaid bills in the mobile app.
  • More detailed invoicing is now available in Xero Projects which shows project time entries as individual line items on the tasks & expenses invoice.
  • You can now rename, delete and move bill attachments to your files inbox.

Payroll (UK)

  • Xero now emails a reminder when it’s time to re-enrol employees in a workplace pension.
  • You can now add payroll benefits such as private medical and dental insurance in Xero. Set up the benefits starting with the 2019/20 tax year and we’ll calculate and file the taxes. Register with HMRC before 6 April to add payroll benefits in Xero.
  • The pay item category for employer pension contributions has changed. These contributions used to sit under Benefits, they now sit under Employer Pensions.
  • You can now add student loans to an employee’s tax details, Xero will calculate the employee’s student loan deductions for each pay run.

Xero HQ

  • Xero HQ now searches for duplicates every time you add or update a client as well as when you import clients. The banner alerting you to potential duplicates isn’t dismissible and is now visible to all practice administrators.

Xero for iOS

  • You can now add file attachments to all quotes.

Xero for Mobile

  • Access contact details including notes and invoice activity, using a new contact summary screen.

VAT return (UK)

  • You can now switch to MTD (making tax digital) for VAT filing through Xero and can then start using our new Making Tax Digital (MTD) VAT return.


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