Your Complete Flexible Bookkeeping, Accounting & Business Financial Solution

Supporting your business from start-up to scale-up, the Finance Department can help you manage all your bookkeeping and accounting requirements while you concentrate on growing the business.


The Essentials
Get your accounts and finances under control with our Essentials Package. From bookkeeping to payroll we create a finance package to suit your business needs and your aspirations.

Management Accounting

Management Accounting
As your business grows you need to know more about the detail of your accounts and performance. Upgrade to management to have the piece of mind that your finances are under control.

Finance Director

Finance Director
Not ready to employ a full time Finance Director? We offer this expertise on a flexible basis, making it easier to adapt to your business needs and gain external perspective.

Xero accredited accountant

Xero online accounting software certified

We love Xero accounting software. Why? Not only is it fundamental to helping you stay in the loop, but it also allows us to provide you with accurate, real time information to help you make educated business decisions.

Business decisions that can help when you want to take on a new employee, launch a new product or service, move into a new office or grow your business through acquisition. Xero make it easy.

Introducing the Finance Department
A new way to manage your business finances

Your business will take you on a journey, from the earliest days as a start up, through growth and into a business that employs a team, manages complex transactions and deals with a broad range of challenges.

The Finance Department provides a new way to manage your business finances, taking the pressure away from you so you can focus on the day to day challenges. We have expertise across the full financial spectrum, which enables us to help businesses of all sizes get the most from their finances.

Achieve your financial potential with a team you can trust.

Your Journey to a secure financial Future

the essentials

Start out managing your books in the right way with quality bookkeeping support and advice.


Let us introduce you to a wide range of online accounting systems to improve your visibility and control of your accounts.


Having accurate financial reports will give you better perspective of where your finances are at any given time, we can also give you the foresight you need when it comes to cashflow and revenue, allowing you to confidently plan ahead.


Looking to make changes to your business? We analyse every detail to ensure your goals are viable and will have a positive impact your bottom line.


We can take over the management of your accounts giving you guidance on your financial journey.


As your business grows and revenues increase making an appropriate plan is crucial. Having an experienced Finance Director working alongside you with real experience is of tremendous value.

Andrew Jack, Founder of Events for Golfers

“I am very impressed with the service Mike and the Finance Department team provide. As well as Bookkeeping they provided a VAT and PAYE registration on my behalf. Mike also managed a seamless transition to Xero accounting software, where he provided full support and the entire process was incredibly smooth. I would recommend any one looking for outsourced financial support to speak to Mike.

Alex Chalkley, Director at the Granted Consultancy

“Mike and his team got this transition from Sage to Xero spot on. There is always a concern about tinkering with financial systems in a business given it is such a key element of the company being successful, but having taken that leap I can highly recommend the results. I now have clarity of my finances in real time, on my phone! It has honestly changed my view of the business. Mike understands the concerns and has delivered as promised – we certainly could not have done this without his experience and guidance. Take a leap to Xero – and jump in tandem with Mike”.

why choose the finance department


A solution that will scale with your business


The ability to look objectively and see the bigger picture


Experience in managing huge transactions


The perfect combination of experience and skills

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